School and Large Group Fish Ecology Field Trip

Bring your school or large group (Guides, Scouts) for a fishing field trip to learn the different developmental stages of a fish’s life, discover what they eat by exploring the edges of the pond, and see the food chain in action with the predators and prey that you scoop up! Find out how the fish’s anatomy is similar and different to our bodies!

Each participant can catch a trout to take home, which is cleaned and bagged on ice. You’ve never fished before? NOT A PROBLEM! We have the gear and training to show you how to bait your hook, cast out your line, and reel in your own trout!

Time permitting, stay a little longer and take our nature trail quiz or head over to the pasture and visit with the goats. (HINT: the baby goats are the cutest in the springtime.) Ask about our bottle-fed goats for an up-close and friendly visit.

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